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Tears Of Love Will Always Be

Outras CoresInterplete: Guilherme Arantes
Ano de Lançamento: 1996
Gravadora: PolyGram
Albúm: Outras Cores
Compositor: Guilherme Arantes
Gênero: MPB

For a moment we were close
In those sweet days
A precious love to loose
It's hard to stay
With only dreams of her, now...
Is she...
Would she still remember me?
After storms have passed through
And time has passed too, too fast
Would she keep, from me, the best?
What is worth to keep, at last?
For always?
But it's useless to look back
To miss, to ignore
What never was before
A chance to face
Whatever life will bring, now...
But i wonder where and how...
Is she...
Tears of love will always be
In a corner of our memory
Tears of love will always be
silent company...

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