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Veja aqui a discografia completa do grupo musical Toto, autor do sucesso Africa, com todos os álbuns e músicas gravadas, incluindo coletâneas e álbuns ao vivo


Ano de Lançamento: 1978

"Child's Anthem" – 2:46
"I'll Supply the Love" – 3:46
"Georgy Porgy" – 4:09
"Manuela Run" – 3:54
"You Are the Flower" – 4:11
"Girl Goodbye" – 6:13
"Takin' It Back" – 3:47
"Rockmaker" – 3:19
"Hold the Line" – 3:56
"Angela" – 4:45


Ano de Lançamento: 1979

"Hydra" – 7:31
"St. George and the Dragon" – 4:45
"99" – 5:16
"Lorraine" – 4:46
"All Us Boys" – 5:03
"Mama" – 5:14
"White Sister" – 5:39
"A Secret Love" – 3:07

Turn BackTurn Back

Ano de Lançamento: 1981

"Gift with a Golden Gun" – 4:00
"English Eyes" – 6:11
"Live for Today" – 4:00
"A Million Miles Away" – 4:26
"Goodbye Elenore" – 4:52
"I Think I Could Stand You Forever" – 5:25
"Turn Back" – 3:58
"If It's the Last Night" – 4:28

Toto IVToto IV

Ano de Lançamento: 1982

"Rosanna" – 5:31
"Make Believe" – 3:45
"I Won't Hold You Back" – 4:56
"Good for You" – 3:20
"It's a Feeling" – 3:08
"Afraid of Love" – 3:51
"Lovers in the Night" – 4:26
"We Made It"– 3:58
"Waiting for Your Love" – 4:13
"Africa" – 4:57


Ano de Lançamento: 1984

"Carmen" (Paich/J.Porcaro) – 3:25
"Lion" (Kimball/Paich) – 4:46
"Stranger in Town" (Paich/J.Porcaro) – 4:47
"Angel Don't Cry" (Frederiksen/Paich) – 4:21
"How Does It Feel" (Lukather) – 3:50
"Endless" (Paich) – 3:40
"Isolation" (Frederiksen/Lukather/Paich) – 4:04
"Mr. Friendly" (Frederiksen/Lukather/Paich/J.Porcaro/M.Porcaro) – 4:22
"Change of Heart" (Paich/Frederiksen) – 4:08
"Holyanna" (Paich/J.Porcaro) – 4:19


Ano de Lançamento: 1986

"Till the End" (Paich/Williams) – 5:17
"We Can Make It Tonight" (Williams/J.Porcaro/Bregman) – 4:16
"Without Your Love" (Paich) – 4:33
"Can't Stand It Any Longer" (Paich/Lukather/Williams) – 4:18
"I'll Be over You" (Lukather/Goodrum) – 3:50
"Fahrenheit" (Paich/J.Porcaro/Williams) – 4:39
"Somewhere Tonight" (J.Porcaro/Paich/Lukather) – 3:46
"Could This Be Love" (Paich/Williams) – 5:14
"Lea" (S.Porcaro) – 4:29
"Don't Stop Me Now" (Lukather/Paich) – 3:05

The Seventh OneThe Seventh One

Ano de Lançamento: 1988

"Pamela" (David Paich, Joseph Williams) - 5:11
"You Got Me" (David Paich, Joseph Williams) - 3:11
"Anna" (Steve Lukather, Randy Goodrum) - 4:58
"Stop Loving You" (Steve Lukather, David Paich) - 4:29
"Mushanga" (David Paich, Jeff Porcaro) - 5:35
"Stay Away" (David Paich, Steve Lukather) - 5:31
"Straight for the Heart" (David Paich, Joseph Williams) - 4:09
"Only the Children" (David Paich, Steve Lukather, Joseph Williams) - 4:11
"A Thousand Years" (Joseph Williams, Mark T. Williams, David Paich) - 4:53
"These Chains" (Steve Lukather, Randy Goodrum) - 4:59
"Home of the Brave" (D. Paich, S. Lukather, J. Webb & J. Williams) - 6:51
"The Seventh One" (faixa bónus no Japão)

The Seventh OnePast To Present

Ano de Lançamento: 1990

Love Has The Power
Hold The Line
Out Of Love
Georgy Porgy
I'll Be Over You
Can You Hear What I'm Saying
I Won't Hold You Back
Stop Loving You

Kingdom of DesireKingdom of Desire

Ano de Lançamento: 1992

1. "Gypsy Train" 6:45
2. "Don't Chain My Heart" 4:46
3. "Never Enough" Toto, Fee Waybill 5:45
4. "How Many Times" 5:42
5. "2 Hearts" 5:13
6. "Wings of Time" 7:27
7. "She Knows the Devil" 5:25
8. "The Other Side" David Paich, Reggie Kaplan, Billy Sherwood 4:41
9. "Only You" 4:28
10. "Kick Down the Walls" Danny Kortchmar, Stan Lynch 4:54
11. "Kingdom of Desire" Kortchmar 7:16
12. "Jake to the Bone" (Instrumental)


Ano de Lançamento: 1995

1. "Gift of Faith" Steve Lukather, Stan Lynch, David Paich 7:23
2. "I Will Remember" Lukather, Lynch 6:06
3. "Slipped Away" Lukather, Lynch, Paich, Simon Phillips, Mike Porcaro 5:16
4. "If You Belong to Me" Lukather, Lynch, Paich 5:03
5. "Baby He's Your Man" Siedah Garrett, Lukather, Paich 5:40
6. "The Other End of Time" Randy Goodrum, Lukather 5:04
7. "The Turning Point" Lukather, Lynch, Paich, Phillips, M. Porcaro 5:25
8. "Time Is the Enemy" Lukather, Paich, Fee Waybill 5:40
9. "Drag Him to the Roof" Lukather, Lynch, Paich 6:10
10. "Just Can't Get to You" Glen Ballard, Lukather, Paich 5:03
11. "Dave's Gone Skiing" (Instrumental) Lukather, Phillips, M. Porcaro 4:59
12. "The Road Goes On" Ballard, Lukather, Paich 4:26
13. "Blackeye" Lukather, Paich, Jenny Douglas 3:53

TambuBest Ballads

Ano de Lançamento: 1995

A Secret Love
I'll Be Over You
Somewhere Tonight
Takin' It Back
I Won't Hold You Back
Georgy Porgy
It's A Feeling
Only You
Out Of Love
2 Hearts

MindfieldsToto XX

Ano de Lançamento: 1999

Goin' Home
Tale Of A Man
Last Night
In A Word
Modern Eyes
Right Part Of Me
Mrs. Johnson
Miss Sun
Love Is A Man's World
On The Run (Live)
Dave's Gone Skiing (live)
Baba Mnumzane (live)


Ano de Lançamento: 1999

1. "After You've Gone" Steve Lukather, Phil Soussan Steve Lukather 6:37
2. "Mysterious Ways" Mark Hudson, Lukather, David Paich, Dean Grakal Bobby Kimball and Lukather 3:42
3. "Mindfields" Bobby Kimball, Lukather, Paich, Simon Phillips, Mike Porcaro Kimball 6:04
4. "High Price of Hate" Lukather, Stan Lynch, Paich, Phillips, Porcaro Kimball 9:22
5. "Selfish" Lukather, Lynch, Paich Kimball 5:30
6. "No Love" Paich, Lukather, Randy Goodrum Lukather 4:34
7. "Caught in the Balance" Lukather, Paich, Phillips, Porcaro, Lynch, Kimball Kimball 6:21
8. "Last Love" Lukather, Paich Lukather 4:58
9. "Mad About You" Paich, Joseph Williams Kimball 4:24
10. "One Road" Lukather, Paich, Goodrum Kimball 3:45
11. "Melanie" Lukather, Paich, Goodrum Lukather 5:19
12. "Cruel" Jed Leiber, Phillips, Kimball, Lukather Kimball 5:57
13. "Better World (Parts I, II & III)" Lukather, Paich, Phillips Lukather 7:50
14. "Spanish Steps Of Rome" Lukather, Paich David Paich 4:27


Ano de Lançamento: 1999

Caught in the Balance
Tale Of A Man
Luke Solo
A Million Miles Away
Jake To The Bone"
Simon Solo
Dave's Gone Skiing"
Out Of Love
You Are The Flower
The Road Goes On
Better World
Girl Goodbye
Dave solo
White Sister
I Will Remember
Hold The Line
I Won't Hold You Back
CShild Anthem

Through the Looking GlassThrough the Looking Glass

Ano de Lançamento: 2002

1. "Could You Be Loved" Bob Marley Kimball 3:47
2. "Bodhisattva" Walter Becker, Donald Fagen Kimball, Lukather 4:51
3. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" George Harrison Lukather 5:15
4. "I Can't Get Next to You" Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong Kimball 4:04
5. "Living for the City" Stevie Wonder Kimball 5:49
6. "Maiden Voyage / Butterfly" Herbie Hancock / Hancock, Bennie Maupin instrumental 7:33
7. "Burn Down the Mission" Elton John, Bernie Taupin Kimball 6:28
8. "Sunshine of Your Love" Jack Bruce, Pete Brown, Eric Clapton Lukather 5:13
9. "House of the Rising Sun" traditional Kimball 4:40
10. "Watching the Detectives" Elvis Costello Lukather 4:04
11. "It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry (Live)" Bob Dylan Paich 3:52

Through the Looking GlassEssential Toto (Remastered)

Ano de Lançamento: 2003

Hold the Line
Make Believe
I'll Supply the Love
Georgy Porgy
I Won't Hold You Back
I'll Be Over You
Without Your Love
The Turning Point
On the Run [Live]

Through the Looking GlassLove Songs

Ano de Lançamento: 2003

I Won't Hold You Back
Without Your Love
I'll Be Over You
Stop Loving You
Right Part Of Me
I Will Remember
No Love
Make Believe
Spanish Steps

Falling in BetweenFalling in Between

Ano de Lançamento: 2006

1. "Falling in Between" Paich, Lukather, Kimball, M. Porcaro, Greg Phillinganes, Phillips Kimball and Phillinganes 4:06
2. "Dying on My Feet" Kimball 6:11
3. "Bottom of Your Soul" Lukather and Williams 6:58
4. "King of the World" Kimball, Lukather, Paich, Steve Porcaro, Phillips, M. Porcaro Paich, Lukather, and Kimball 4:04
5. "Hooked" Kimball 4:36
6. "Simple Life" Lukather Lukather 2:22
7. "Taint Your World" Kimball 4:01
8. "Let It Go" Lukather, Paich, Phillinganes, Phillips, Kimball, M. Porcaro Phillinganes 5:00
9. "Spiritual Man" Paich Paich, Kimball, and Phillinganes 5:22
10. "No End in Sight" Lukather and Kimball 6:10
11. "The Reeferman" (US, Canadian and Japanese bonus track) Lukather, M. Porcaro, Paich, Phillips none 1:46

Falling in BetweenFalling in Between Live

Ano de Lançamento: 2007

Disco 1

Falling In Between
King of the World
Bottom Of Your Soul
Caught in the Balance
Don't Chain My Heart
Hold The Line
Stop Loving You
I'll Be Over You

Disco 2

I'll Supply The Love
Gift Of Faith
Kingdom Of Desire
Taint Your World
Gypsy Train
Drag Him To The Roof

Toto XIV35th Anniversary Tour – Live in Poland

Ano de Lançamento: 2014

Intro 13
On The Run (Live)
Goin' Home
St. George And The Dragon
I'll Be Over You
It's A Feeling
Wings Of Time
Falling In Between
I Won't Hold You Back
The Muse
White Sister
Better World
How Many Times
Stop Loving You
Hold The Line
Home Of The Brave

Toto XIVToto XIV

Ano de Lançamento: 2015

1. "Running Out of Time" Lukather, Paich, Williams Joseph Williams 4:06
2. "Burn" Williams, Paich Williams 4:56
3. "Holy War" Lukather, Vanston, Williams Williams & Steve Lukather 5:24
4. "21st Century Blues" Lukather, Vanston Lukather 6:08
5. "Orphan" Paich, Williams, Lukather Williams 3:55
6. "Unknown Soldier (For Jeffrey)" Paich, Lukather Lukather 5:06
7. "The Little Things" Steve Porcaro, Allee Willis Steve Porcaro 4:34
8. "Chinatown" Paich, Mike Sherwood David Paich, Williams & Lukather 5:07
9. "All the Tears That Shine" Paich, Sherwood Paich 5:09
10. "Fortune" Williams Williams 4:46
11. "Great Expectations" Paich, Williams, Lukather Paich & Williams 6:48

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