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The Bangles (discografia)

Veja a discografia completa de The Bangles, banda americana de pop rock, formada em Los Angeles em 1981, Elas marcaram uma geração com vários singles de sucesso.

All Over the PlaceAll Over the Place

Ano de lançamento: 1984

Hero Takes a Fall
Live (cover de The Merry-Go-Rou, 1967)
All About You
Dover Beach
Tell Me Hoffs
Going Down to Liverpool (cover de Katrina and the Waves, 1983)
He's Got a Secret
Silent Treatment
More Than Meets the Eye

Different LightDifferent Light

Ano de lançamento: 1986

Manic Monday
In a Different Light
Walking Down Your Street
Walk Like an Egyptian
Standing in the Hallway
Return Post
If She Knew What She Wants (cover of Jules Shear, 1985)
Let It Go
September Gurls (cover of Big Star, 1974)
Angels Don't Fall in Love
Following Steele
Not Like You

Hazy Shade of WinterLess Than Zero

Ano de lançamento: 1987

Hazy Shade of Winter


Ano de lançamento: 1988

In Your Room
Complicated Girl
Bell Jar
Something to Believe In
Eternal Flame
Be With You
Glitter Years
I'll Set You Free
Watching the Sky
Some Dreams Come True
Make a Play for Her Now
Waiting for You
Crash and Burn

Greatest HitsGreatest Hits

Ano de lançamento: 1990

Hero Takes a Fall
Going Down to Liverpool
Manic Monday
If She Knew What She Wants
Walk Like an Egyptian
Walking Down Your Street
Hazy Shade of Winter
In Your Room
Eternal Flame
Be With You
I'll Set You Free (single mix)
Everything I Wanted
Where Were You When I Needed You

Doll RevolutionDoll Revolution

Ano de lançamento: 2003

Tear Off Your Own Head (It's A Doll Revolution)
Stealing Rosemary
Something That You Said
Ask Me No Questions
The Rain Song
Nickel Romeo
Ride the Ride
I Will Take Care Of You
Here Right Now
Single By Choice
Lost At Sea
Song For A Good Son
Mixed Messages
Between the Two

Essential BanglesEssential Bangles (Remastered)

Ano de lançamento: 2004

Manic Monday
Walking Down Your Street
I Got Nothing
If She Knew What She Wants
Eternal Flame
I'll Set You Free
Walk Like an Egyptian
What I Meant to Say
I'm in Line
Be With You
In Your Room
Hero Takes a Fall

Sweetheart of the SunSweetheart of the Sun

Ano de lançamento: 2011

Anna Lee
Under a Cloud
Ball N Chain
I'll Never Be Through with You
Circles in the Sky
Sweet and Tender Romance
Lay Yourself Down
One of Two
What a Life
Through Your Eyes
Open My Eyes

Ladies and Gentlemen... The Bangles!Ladies and Gentlemen... The Bangles!

Ano de lançamento: 2014

Bitchen Summer/Speedway (1982)
Getting Out of Hand (1981)
Call on Me (1981)
The Real World (1982)
I'm in Line
Want You (1982)
Mary Street (1982)
How is the Air Up There? (1982)
Outside Chance (unreleased demo, 1981)
Steppin’ Out (unreleased demo, 1981)
The Real World (unreleased demo, 1981)
Call on Me (unreleased demo, 1981)
Tell Me (live performance at Dingwalls, London, 1984)
7 & 7 Is (live performance at The Palace, Hollywood, 1984)
No Mag Commercial (1982)
The Rock & Roll Alternative Program theme song (1982)

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