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Secret Service (discografia)

Veja a discografia completa de Secret Service, banda sueca, mais conhecida pelos seus sucessos na década de 1980, a sua canção mais popular foi Flash in the night.

Oh SusieOh Susie

Ano de lançamento: 1979

Ten O'Clock Postman
Hey Johnny
Give Me Your Love
Oh Susie
Darling, You're My Girl
She Wants Me
Why Don't You Try To Phone
Angel On Wheels
Family Delight

Ye Si CaYe Si Ca

Ano de lançamento: 1981

L. A. Goodbye
Broken Hearts
Angelica & Ramone
Friday Night
I Know
Ye Si Ca
King & Queen
Crossing A River
Don't Go Away
Stay Here The Night

Cutting CornersCutting Corners

Ano de lançamento: 1982

Over Town
Fire Into Ice
Cutting Corners
Flash In The Night
Cry Softly (Time Is Mourning)
If I Try
Like A Morning Song
When The Dancer You Have Loved Walks Out The Door
Rainy Day Memories
Watching Julietta

Jupiter SignJupiter Sign

Ano de lançamento: 1984

Jupiter Sign
Love Cannot Be Wrong
Visions Of You
Heart Companion
Jo-Anne, Jo-Anne
Do It
Night Café
All I Wanna Do
Will You Be Near Me
Mrs. Marple

When The Night Closes InWhen The Night Closes In

Ano de lançamento: 1985

Night City
Let Us Dance Just A Little Bit More
Special Songs
Do You Remember
When The Night Closes In
How I Want You
Closer Every Day
Feel You Near Me
Just A Friend For The Night

Aux Deux MagotsAux Deux Magots

Ano de lançamento: 1987

I'm So I'm So I'm So (I'm So In Love With You)
If You Need Me
Don't You Know, Don't You Know
Turn To Me
The Way You Are (Extended Version)
Say Say
Aux Deux Magots (Instrumental)
Where The Wind Blows
Thank You For That Night

Retrospective - Secret ServiceRetrospective - Secret Service

Ano de lançamento: 2001

Oh Susie
Ten O Clock Postman
L.A. Goodbye
Flash In The Night
Ye Si Ca
Dancing In Madness
Don t You Know Don t You Know
King & Queen
Broken Hearts
Cutting Corners
Don t Go Away
Jo Anne Jo Anne
When The Night Closes In
Let Us Dance Just A Little Bit More
Friday Night
I Know
Crossing A River
Angelica & Ramone
The Way You Are
Cry Softly

The Lost BoxThe Lost Box

Ano de lançamento: 2012

If I Do
Eyes Are Talking
I Want You
The Go-Between
Upside Down
Woman And Man
Always A Fool
It's Not Over
Someone Can Open Your Heart

Music collectionMusic collection

Ano de lançamento: 2018

Flash in the night
Ten oclock postman
Let us dance just a little bit more
If i try
Bring heaven down
When the dancer you have loved walks out the door
Dont you know
Fire into ice
Rainy day memories
How i want you
Jo-anne jo-anne
Im so im so im so
Aux deux magots
Night city
When the night closes in
Oh susie
I a goodbye

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