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Kon Kan (discografia)

Veja a discografia completa de Kon Kan, dupla de músicos que criou um projeto de música eletrônica, concebido e formado em 1988 por Barry Harris e Kevin Wynne, em Toronto, Canadá.

Move to MoveMove to Move

Ano de lançamento: 1989

Arts In D Minor/Harry Houdini
Bite The Bullet
Move To Move
I Can't Answer That
I Beg Your Pardon (I Never Promised You A Rose Garden)
Am I In Love
Glue & Fire
It Doesn't Matter
Puss n' Boots/These Boots Are Made For Walking


Ano de lançamento: 1990

Could've Said I Told You So
Heaven Knows (I'm Missing You)
I'll Find Another Love
My Camera (Oh How I Wish)
Can't Stop The Fire
Better Day


Ano de lançamento: 1993

The Introdome
Sinful Wishes
Mr. Fleming
Should've Known Me (Better Than That)
Moonage Daydream
Move To Move (Revisited)
January Man
Sinful Wishes (Dance Mix)
In Silk
When Hope Is Gone

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