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Ozar Midrashim - Information Society

From the distance I can see a huge holographic Ronald McDonald walking between grain elevators and trees.
Boy, if I had the money I had have make one of those me and than set myself to stalk the landscape and scare everybody.
You see, 'cause I've got this sort of feeling. Because, because I have spikes.
Because I go between the zones, even when I'm not supposed to.
Because I'm a suspicious person report.
And its time to go shopping.
Compositores: kurt harland

Jonas Heitich BrasilAutor Jonas Heitich Brasil, crítico musical, siga-me no Facebook e tambêm no Twitter, veja tambêm meu podcast no Soundcloudcom dicas e análises de músicas, assista tambêm meu canal no Youtube com muitas playlists e análises de música.

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