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Mannequin - Culture Club

He's the mannequin of your dreams
You designed him
Nothing will stand in your way
A punch in the heart
Won't tear him apart
Neither will the things they say
'Cause he's a beggar, lover, believer
You are just an innocent reader
He's the mannequin of your dreams
Step inside him
Look at the world his way
Laughter is loud
From the fool in the crowd
You'll crack his smile one day
Every dream must follow where we go
Don't let them shatter your ego
Mannequin, lover mannequin, lover mannequin [Repeat: x2]
I gave you every bit of my time
You lied and you committed a crime
To present my feelings
With shallow meanings
How could you tear me apart?
He's the mannequin of your dreams
You denied him
Laughter and political sway
People are sweet
But the primitive beat
Is always getting in my way
I can give you nothing but me though
It isn't what you want to see
Oh Mannequin, lover mannequin
My lover mannequin, whoa

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