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Christopher Cross - Discografia

Veja aqui a discografia completa do cantor americano Christopher Cross, autor do famoso sucesso Sailing

Christopher Cross
Gravadora Warner Bros. Records. - Ano de Lançamento 1979

Christopher Cross

Say You'll Be Mine
I Really Don't Know Anymore
Never Be The Same
Poor Shirley
Ride Like The Wind
The Light Is On
Minstrel Gigolo
Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)

Another Page
Gravadora Warner Bros. Records. - Ano de Lançamento 1983

Another Page

No Time For Talk
Baby Says No
What Am I Supposed To Believe
Deal 'Em Again
Think Of Laura
All Right
Talking In My Sleep
Nature Of The Game
Long World
Words Of Wisdom

Every Turn Of The World
Gravadora Warner Bros. Records. - Ano de Lançamento 1985

Every Turn Of The World

Every Turn Of The World
Charm The Snake
I Hear You Call
Don't Say Goodbye
It's You That Really Matters
Love Is Love (In Any Language)
Swing Street
Love Found A Home
That Girl
Open Your Heart

Back Of My Mind
Gravadora Reprise Records - Ano de Lançamento 1988

Back Of My Mind

Never Stop Believing
Swept Away
Any Old Time
I Will (Take You Forever)
She Told Me So
Back Of My Mind
I'll Be Alright
Just One Look

Gravadora Geronimo. - Ano de Lançamento 1991


Deputy Dan
Night Across The World
Angry Young Men
In The Blink Of An Eye
Is There Something
Isn't It Love
Nothing Will Change
Driftin' Away
A Fisherman's Tale

Gravadora BMG Ariola München GmbH- Ano de Lançamento 1994


Been There Done That
Wild Wild West
Wishing Well
Thinkin Bout You
Jan's Tune
Open Up My Window
Nature's Way
Uncharted Hearts
Before I Go
Love Is Calling

Red Room
Gravadora CMC International Records Inc. - Ano de Lançamento 2000

Red Room

1 In A Red Room
2 Walking In Avalon
3 Hunger
4 When She Smiles
5 It's Always Something
6 Dream Too Loud
7 I Know You Well
8 Kind Of I Love You
9 Curled Around The World
10 Rainy Day In Vancouver (instrumental)

Doctor Faith
Gravadora Ear Music - Ano de Lançamento 2011

Doctor Faith

Hey Kid
I'm Too Old For This
When You Come Home
Leave It To Me
Help Me Cry
Still I Resist
Poor Man's Ecstasy

Secret Ladder
Gravadora Ear Music - Ano de Lançamento 2014

Secret Ladder

Reverend Blowhand
I Don't See It Your Way
The Times I Needed You
Island Of Anger
Light The World
With Me Now
Got To Be A Better Way
A Letter To My Children

Take Me As I Am
Gravadora Christopher Cross Records - Ano de Lançamento 2017

Take Me As I Am

1 Haila
2 Take Me As I Am
3 Roberta (For Joni Mitchell)
4 Down To The Wire
5 Baby It's All You
6 Old Days
7 River Of Tears
8 Truth
9 Like Minded Saviors
10 Alvah (In Memory Of Rob Meurer)

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