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Secret LadderInterplete: Christopher Cross
Ano de Lançamento: 2014
Gravadora: Ear Music
Albúm: Secret Ladder
Compositor: Christopher Cross

I know you hurt
I know you do
The deepest pain you ever knew
I know that you
Will think of her
And all the wondrous things that were
All seems lost
She was the one
You don't see how
You can go on
I know you will
I know you will my friend

The light of joy so faint and gray
The waves of sadness seize the day
There is no place
That you can find
To hide away as John would say
Things will change
The tables turn
You’ll understand
What you have learned
I know you will
I know you will my friend

Her kiss is on
The wind again
There’s no escape
Once it begins
Until your breath returns

You miss her smile,
Her laugh, her touch
Most of all
You miss the way
She loved you

I know this girl
She hurt you so
The deepest pain you’ll ever know
I know how hard
This is for you
That all those dreams
Won’t come true
The time will come
When love will die
And heaven opens up its sky
Your heart will heal
And you will care
And see that life is everywhere
I know you will
I know you will my friend

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