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Uncharted Hearts

WindowInterplete: Christopher Cross
Ano de Lançamento: 1994
Gravadora: Reprise Records
Albúm: Window
Compositor: Christopher-Cross

As the sun rises it soon compromises the safety of night
And two travelers in spite of themselves
Have to push on

Mornings remind them of things left behind them
One a good wife and the other a life with no name
So they push on

Over the hills and the plains they ride
Sharing the unwritten law they abide
Two uncharted hearts in the silence of their own flight

The journey they measure in danger and pleasure
One likes to bluff and the other is tough on the girls
Still they push on

Roll the bones
No questions asked
Barely friends
Two solitaires
Needing each other out there

They build a good fire before they retire
Searching the flame for a moment of blameless repose
A way to push on
Lessons come hard on this brave terrain
They may run free but they're still in the rain
Two uncharted hearts in the silence of their own flight

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