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Dream Too Loud

Red RoomInterplete: Christopher Cross
Ano de Lançamento: 2000
Gravadora: CMC International Records Inc
Albúm: Red Room
Compositor: Christopher-Cross

While I wait for the world to end
Above mad hatter crowds
I have nothing but time to spend
Silhouetting clouds

Simple pleasures fr goodness sake
Babes in slumbers
Nature's palette an daybreak,
Paint by numbers
Tat tvram asi

Barefoot down at the fishin'hole
Minnows nibble my toes
Big rock holding a bamboo pole
Don't care how is goes

Origami my lists away
Bird and flower
On a river of wind they play
Peace and power
Tat tvram asi

I'm just looking to find some spring
Plant some seeds grow some wings
Don't tell me I dream too loud I knos
(I know, I know)

Just imagine a smile on your face
Love and laughter
Compassion breaking our fall from grace
Ever after
Tat tvram asi

I'm just looking to take those wings
Fly to Memphis and meet the king
Don't tell me I dream too lous I know
(I know, I know)

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