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A Letter To My Children

Secret LadderInterplete: Christopher Cross
Ano de Lançamento: 2014
Gravadora: Ear Music
Albúm: Secret Ladder
Compositor: Christopher Cross

Tiny hands that reached out for me
To share the touch of the mystery
Shining eyes that wonder what will be

So begins a love
Like you have never known
A love for another life
So strong that you would
Give your own
You do your best
And hope that you have shown them

You’re my heroes
You’re what matters
All the days of my life
You’re my heroes
My ever after
You bring me joy, bring the light

Now you're young men
And women of the world
Fly the winds of kindness
Let your wings unfurl
I wish you peace
And that sad times turn to pearls

And if I go away
Please remember every day
That I'll be there
To help you find your way back home

And when I go away
Please remember every day
All the ways you make me proud to say

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